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Recommended Products

Here you will find all the products we have tried and tested. These products have stood out and excelled above other products.

Chipotle From Flavour Before Fire

Sauce of outstanding excellence


This is a rich well balanced sauce made with Mexican Chipotles (smoked red Jalapeños), onion, garlic, tomato, marjoram, clementine juice, white wine vinegar & Mexican spices. Its a very versatile sauce that works with meat, fish & vegetables. Great in a burger & lovely .mixed into some baked beans.  The first ever sauce to obtain an NEUK AWARD of Excellence.
It can be purchased directly from

Daddy Cools Broon Sauce

Best Brown Sauce


What’s not to love about a fruity Broon  Sauce? The perfect brown chilli sauce condiment for any fried breakfast and a great way to spice up a cottage pie and the ultimate lubrication for a sausage butty (for our international customers, that’s a sausage sandwich)!
The problem with brown sauce however is that regardless of brand, they all taste the same, up until now of course. Daddy Cool has been working his magic as usual and developed yet another sauce for the whole family.
Our Broon Sauce has everything you’d expect from a good brown sauce, but so much more. A far fruitier flavour and a mild chilli kick, one which compliments meats and cheeses perfectly without detracting from the other flavours in your meal.
You can safely leave Broon Sauce in the fridge without worrying that it’ll accidentally make its way onto your nans meal sending her into a fire breathing frenzy. She may ask you to order her another bottle though.
This sauce is also great for stews, pies, chips, welsh rarebits and anything else you would usually throw those inferior brown sauces at. Step up your brown sauce game and grab a bottle of Broon Sauce for champion barbeques and most comforting of winter dishes.

Night Tonic

An exceptional sauce from Hotpods.


A strong garlic hot sauce combining garlic, spices and super hot chillies to give a well balanced but fully flavoured hot sauce.


INGREDIENTS Cider vinegar, chopped tomatoes (tomatoes, tomato juice, citric acid), garlic (15%), onions, water, mixed super hot chillies (10%), tamarind, mixed spices (2%), salt, sugar, cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil.​  


​Allergen information: Made in a kitchen which may handle all allergens.


For best before see base of bottle. Store in a cool dry place.

Shake before use. Once opened refrigerate and use within 3 months. 150 ml e.

Daddy Cools Ketch

The Reaper

Best Ketchup


This tomato reaper ketchup will have you wondering why you’ve never had chilli in your red sauce before. Everyone has their own favourite use for ketchup and Ketch the Reaper plays ball with all the classics. It gives fry ups the oomph to kick-start your day, brings life to the dullest of kebabs and fills the smallest of burgers with the biggest flavours.
Any true ketchup connoisseur knows that consistency is key, and Ketch the Reaper has it all. It oozes onto your eggs just how you want it to, without needing a spanking, but you’re free to try anyway. Ooh its saucy.
A beginner “Hot Chilli Sauce” that carries an L plate for beginners who are just starting out, be warned it will get you eventually!
SUGGESTED USES: Great mixed in soups, added to your chilli con carne splashed on these meaty burgers and as a good old-fashioned tomato ketchup for chips, try it on cheese toasties.

Hot Coriander Sauce

Mr Vikkis


An amazing sweet chilli sauce, perfect for dipping into, drizzling over salads or using as a sweet chilli marinade!

Perfect to use with chicken.

Mango and Papaya

Screaming Chimp Great Taste


Mango & Papaya is a Vegan friendly and gluten free sauce, that was inspired by a trip to friends of ours in Nerja, Spain, as the Malaga area is well renowned for growing mango, papaya, bell peppers and onions and it was on this visit that the name Screaming Chimp was born. Made with  Aji Lemon chillies grown in the UK, this sauce offers the perfect blend of sweet and Mild heat. This sauce is great mixed into porridge, or ice cream. It’s fabulous on toast in the morning or on chicken, prawns or new potatoes to add that fruity twang, or simply pour onto your salads. While this IS a vegan sauce, (no longer containing the honey it once had in) it’s Delicious on all the meat you can eat or fish you can dish. So do yourself a favour, buy yourself this flavour and scream if you wanna go hotter!! Confusing? Well, it’s also Delicious on all the beets you can eat, or mash you can smash, you do yourself a favour, buy yourself some flavour and Scream if you wanna go hotter!!


A Bit of a Pickle


The very hot version of our popular "Evil Chilli Chutney". The same recipe but using a range of super hot chillis. We've teamed up with Chilli Of The Valley, based in Cardiff, who have supplied the chillis, grown in South Wales. Not for the faint hearted!!

Grizzly Garlic Chilli Sauce

The Chilli Project


Grizzly Garlic Chilli Sauce

1 Star: Great Taste Award Winner 2020


A smokey roasted garlic and ginger chilli sauce with a depth of flavours to get you licking your paws. 

Slow roasted caramelised garlic and ginger is combined with red onion, premium paprika and other quality ingredients including the naga ghost chilli to titillate your taste buds. Made with our own bear hands.

Our best-selling sauce works well as a dip, marinade or added to a dish to add give it that extra garlic oomph. Try adding to a bacon sandwich, stew, chilli con carnie, spaghetti bolognese or even lasagne.

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