Growing Guides

For All Your Chilli Plant Nurturing Needs! For Any Questions Regarding Growing then Please Join the Discussions on the N.E.U.K Chilli-Heads and Chilli Beginners Groups on Facebook.

N.E.U.K Chilli-Heads

Chilli Beginners by Juliet Green

A little explanation of the N.E.U.K kratky system

How to prune your chilli plants at the end of the season to speed the ripeness of the fruit/pods

A Guide to pricking out Chilli Seedlings

Potting on Seedlings

How to build your own self watering single pot system for less than £2

A Guide to Overwintering Chilli Plants by Phil Blake

A Guide on Pot Sizes

Saving Seeds and Isolating Flowers

Neuk Kratky Explanation