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I Scream!


The I Scream Challenge was created by Zachary Goot (The Texas Hot Spot) and is chilli (chilly!) silly enough for NEUK. Shawn Overthrow (Flavour and Fire) also makes the sauce in the UK.

Rules can be found below.

Rule 1:

Sauce (buy it here)

Rule 2:

Get a pint (16 oz.) of your favourite ice cream

Rule 3:

Scoop all of the ice cream into a bowl

Rule 4: 

Pour entire 4 oz. bottle of magic shell sauce over the ice cream covering the entire surface. Wait for the magic shell to harden.

(Note: if sauce is too thick to pour, place in microwave with cap off for 15 sec. and shake well after)

Rule 5:

You have 5 minutes to eat the entire contents of the bowl. Keep a timer on screen and show an empty mouth when finished.

Rule 6:

After a 3 minute afterburn, you have completed the challenge!

Disclaimer: There is a risk of choking and/or injury from hot food so N.E.U.K Chilli-heads take no responsibility in any outcome. We advise that someone is present during the challenge in case of any injury. By undertaking this challenge you accept full responsibility for your own well being.

Submit your completed challenge here to be included in NEUK table.

...there may be a prize for the fastest time at the end of the year...


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