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N.E.U.K Baked Beans Challenge


The N.E.U.K Half Baked bean challenge is a speed eating challenge created to have some fun (chilli silly) amongst our facebook group members. You can find the rules and the bean table below.

Rule 1: One standard size can/tin (roughly 400g) of baked beans with tomato sauce. No Sauce/Juice to be removed. They Can be any brand of baked beans.

Rule 2: A Bowl must be used to empty the contents of the can/tin into and must be visible on camera/video. The bowl must not be picked up until the end of the challenge, although may be tilted to ensure all beans can be consumed

Rule 3: One Teaspoon must be used to eat the contents of the can/tin from the bowl. It must be a standard 5ml teaspoon similar to the ones used for making tea/coffee

Rule 4: At least half a bottle of NEUK Naga hotsauce which can be purchased from here

Rule 5: The Beans can be eaten either hot or cold

Disclaimer: Due to this challenge being a speed challenge, there is a risk of choking. N.E.U.K Chilli-heads do not accept responsibility for any outcome of this challenge. With the risk of choking it is advisable to have company present while taking part in this challenge.

Submit your completed challenge here to be included in NEUK table.


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