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N.E.U.K Nuggets


The N.E.U.K Nuggets Challenge was created to have some fun amongst our facebook members. Rules can be found below.

Rule 1:  Over and Under Sauce buy it here

             Under and Over Sauce buy it here

Rule 2:  12 Nuggets of any kind  

Rule 3: Use half of a bottle of the sauce and evenly spread it on the nuggets

Rule 4: 

 - 8 minutes to eat all 12 nuggets and sauce

 - For Speed Eating, consume all nuggets and sauce as fast as possible

Rule 5: Timer must be shown during the challenge.

Rule 6: No Liquids other than the sauce to be consumed for the duration of the challenge

Disclaimer: There is a risk of choking and/or injury from hot food so N.E.U.K Chilli-heads take no responsibility in any outcome. We advise that someone is present during the challenge in case of any injury. By undertaking this challenge you accept full responsibility for your own well being.

Submit your completed challenge here to be included in NEUK table.


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