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N.E.U.K Pizza Challenge

Neuklear fusion pizza challenge is a speed eating challenge created to have some fun amongst our facebook group members. You can find the rules and the pizza table below.

Rule 1: One Whole San Marco cheese and tomato pizza (253g). Other pizza brands may be used with different toppings but the weight of the pizza must be at least 253g. 

Rule 2: One bottle of Neukclear fallout hot sauce from 405 chile company. Pour half the contents of the sauce onto your chosen pizza. The sauce can be purchased here

Rule 3: Pizza can be cut into slices or folded before challenge is commenced.

Rule 4: A Timer must be visible for the duration of the challenge, this can also include a member of the admin team timing the challenge on live stream. Time is started from the first bite

Rule 5. Time is stopped when the pizza has been consumed and the mouth is shown as empty

Rule 6: As this is a fun challenge, a drink is permitted during the challenge. But please bear in mind we are a family group so we ask that any alcohol is kept off camera.

Disclaimer: As this is a speed challenge, there is a risk of choking and/or injury from hot food so N.E.U.K Chilli-heads take no responsibility in any outcome. We advise that someone is present during the challenge in case of any injury. By undertaking this challenge you accept full responsibility for your own well being.

Submit your completed challenge here to be included in NEUK table.


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