The Biggest Place for our Chilli Warriors.
These Guys have won competitions or completed specific challenges.

Promotion to Golden Ladles awaits for the members who complete 5 or more League of Fire challenges and/or gain 40 N.E.U.K Points.

You Can find All our ladles below along with the N.E.U.K Ladle Table.

You can submit your completed challenges here.

The Ladles

The N.E.U.K Ladle Scoreboard

Here is our Table of Ladles. It is a way to showcase our N.E.U.K Facebook members and rank them accordingly to the challenges they complete. This is a small in group scoreboard for the fun of our members. Visit the League of Fire HERE where many of the items for the challenges can be purchased and their official challenge tables can be viewed. Each Challenge is worth a certain amount of neuk points. Every completed challenge must have been completed on video as evidence of completion.

  • 10 points for a chilli eating competition win.

  • 9 points for completing the nemesis bar

  • 9 points for every League of Fire Killer Queen Chug Challenge

  • 8 points for every Tube of Terror completed - Bonus points for completing multiple tubes in 1 sitting. +2 for 2nd tube, +3 for 3rd tube and so on.

  • 5 points for completing Johnny Scoville's chilli cherry nightmare bar.

  • 5 points for completing Old Agnus Stores Crunchy Challenge

  • 4 points for every MOAB Colab bar from Old Agnus Store

  • 4 points for The One bar from Old Agnus Store

  • 4 Points for completing Peanut Brutal from Blazing Foods

  • 3 points for every mother of all bars completed (regardless of time)

  • 3 points for completing the Hot Dang Shows Bites Challenge

  • 3 points for every Psycho Bear Challenge

  • 2 points per 50 ml for the league of fire chug challenge - Bonus Points for completing multiple chugs in 1 sitting. +2 for 2nd bottle, +3 for 3rd bottle and so on.

  • 1 point for the 1st 6 Rummy Bears, 2 points for the 2nd 6 Bears + an extra point for completing a 2 minute afterburn. Multiple packets will gain an extra 2 points per 6 bears + burn time. 

  • 2 points for the hottest corn chip challenge (bonus point for under 2:30)

  • 2 points for every Death Nut challenge completed

  • 1 point for every Fresh Carolina Reaper Eaten after 5 Reapers (in 1 sitting)

  • Bonus Points

  • 1 point for each Paqui one chip challenge

You can submit your completed challenges here.

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